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LV8 Goldrake 803 Dark Custom Motorcycle Lift Electro-hydraulic Unit

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Capacity: 800KG

Lifting: height: 1300mm

Model: EG803HCFE Dark Custom version

The new generation of motorcycle lifts!

Equipped with:

  • Double cylinder and double hydraulic line, double hydraulic and electronic safety, without mechanical safety
  • Hs (high speed) hydraulic pump hs
  • “foot guard” device protection by electronic closing through safety micro switch and acoustic signal (buzzer)
  • Wire remote control unit with magnet and arranged for assembling the lv8 wi-fi remote control kit
  • Tilting gate for front tyre changer


Scissors running on 6 high-sliding rectangular big rubbing blocks (in replacement of standard wheels)

Suitable for in ground installation

Single version both floor and recessed installation

Platform lenght 2450mm, equipped with:

  • Painted embossed metal sheet to strengthening the “central stand” area
  • Integrated side rails couple to assembly following additional accessories:
    • Kit of 4 sliding hooks for belts fastening
    • Kit of 2 sliding tool holders - 50cm length/each
    • Kit sliding sled on nylon glide for custom LV8 central stand positioning
    • Kit for additional schuko socket on power unit box
    • Kit air connection on the plaltform
    • Kit of platform’s eyebolts for belts fastening

Color: all matt black 9005 textured finish

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LV8 Goldrake 803 Dark Custom Motorcycle Lift Electro-hydraulic Unit

LV8 Goldrake 803 Dark Custom Motorcycle Lift Electro-hydraulic Unit

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