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Mivv GP Pro Exhaust CB 1000R 2018-2019 Carbon


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GP Pro, manufactured by semi-handmade TIG welding, shows a compact and essential design and an aggressive sound. Inspired by the world of competition, the exhaust pipe is equipped with a removable protective grille that hides the dB-killer. This muffler sports the characteristic Mivv logo created by laser technology.

It features a carbon central body with a gloss finish. It is the ideal product for those who require top look and technology.

Single slip-on.


Power: +3,40 HP
Torque: +3,20 Nm
Weight: -2,60 kg
Product Details
H.068.L2P - L6P - LXBP

Honda CB 1000R 2018-2019 Mivv GP Pro Carbon, Titanium and Steel Black

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Mivv GP Pro Exhaust CB 1000R 2018-2019 Carbon

Mivv GP Pro Exhaust CB 1000R 2018-2019 Carbon

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