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Mivv Oval Exhaust T Max 500 2008-2011 Titanium

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The Mivv Oval range is perfectly suited to all types of motorbikes. All models feature a removable dB-killer. Thanks to its oval shape, it better matches the different motorbike designs. Offered in different materials, it gives the motorbike a more aggressive look.

Made with a titanium central body, it features an added carbon end cap, for a more aggressive look.

Full system exhaust.


Power: +1,60 HP
Torque: +0,80 Nm
Weight: -4,70 kg

Product Details
Y.028.L3C - L4C

Yamaha T Max 500 2008-2011 Oval Carbon and Titanium

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Mivv Oval Exhaust T Max 500 2008-2011 Titanium

Mivv Oval Exhaust T Max 500 2008-2011 Titanium

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